iOS 16 leaks hint at which older iPhones Apple may drop


Older iPhones will only get the new iOS update for a limited time before Apple decides to push them out to sea, and a report suggests which devices may go into sunset when iOS 16 rolls out later this year.

This comes from a website called iDropNews, which was written by a leaker named AppleLeaksPro with a limited track record. Taking the information with a grain of salt, given the source, but given Apple's habits, what is said makes sense.

 Obviously, iOS 16 will not be compatible with the three iPhones that have iOS 15 installed: they are the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6S Plus, and the original iPhone SE. The devices are from 2015, 2015, and 2016, so they're pretty old.

 Apple is dropping support for older iPhones with new iOS versions because the older hardware doesn't have the features or room for the new OS, which is also happening in the Android space. That's not to say Apple will completely forget about these phones, because they still see weird security updates, and they work just as well as they do -- you really don't need the latest software.

 This is only a temporary leak, so it doesn't mean these phones will definitely disappear from Apple's hands. But AppleLeaksPro's limited track record seems fairly accurate.

 That's the only really reliable information this leak offers - the leaker also confirmed its earlier claims about the super widget, noting tweaks like a redesigned Music app and changes to quick actions to make it work when the phone is locked Work.


Analysis: You do not have to buy a new iPhone

If you own one of the above iPhones, we're assuming you're not a techie - in which case you probably own a newer phone.

 If that's true, then maybe this news won't affect you too much. If you don't care about having the coolest and latest thing, whether it's new gadgets or software, you don't need iOS 16.

 This new version of Apple's software is unlikely to set the world on fire, as it may only bring tweaks and changes that might not affect your phone experience at all. If your device is working fine now, it will continue to do so.

 This is especially the case, as Apple may roll out security updates to these devices for a period of time, which should deter bad actors from taking advantage of your technological age to better infiltrate them.

 Of course, if your phone is more than six years old, you might want to check out our list of the best iPhones at some point, because technology doesn't last forever. But if you're currently happy with your phone, you don't really need to upgrade it.

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