Lightning Port to an Android Phone?

Samsung Galaxy A51 that changed with a Lightning port is extremely real. Maker Ken Pillonel previously modded an iPhone with a USB-C port and thanks to popular demand he did the alternative in addition.

Why do this? For fun and also for the challenge. the primary obstacle was to subvert the authentication hardware inside Apple accessories – this is often primarily intended to disable knock-off products, however, it'll prevent an Android phone from employing a Lightning cable. If the chip inside the cable doesn’t hear the correct authentication, it'll refuse to hold power and data.

There are easiest ways to solve this problem, but it's not as simple as plug and play. The ultimate challenge is miniaturization—modern smartphones are so dense that there is little room inside for brand new hardware.

Well, you already know that Ken managed to install a Lightning connector on a Cupertino deprecated phone. he did it

Last year, Ken Pillonel did what Apple has so far refused to do — make an iPhone with a USB-C connector. Ken also modified some AirPods with USB-C connectors. For his next Frankenstein creation, Ken rebuilt an Android phone to use the Lightning connector.

The device was originally a Samsung Galaxy A51, with a typical USB-C 2.0 connector. After the transformation is complete, the phone is equipped with a fully functional Lightning port that supports data and charging.

It might not be the most useful creation, but Ken Pillonel said that after making the USB-C iPhone, he wanted to balance the world. It's an impressive feat of engineering.

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