Next-gen tech cameras on iPhone 14 and 15 Pro



A major Korean supplier of OIS and autofocus actuators has struck a deal with Apple, according to industry sources. The U.S. company visited Jahwa last year, and some believe the OIS module maker is spending more than $155 million to build a new manufacturing facility.

Given the size of the investment and the fact that Apple often asks its suppliers to build production lines for its needs, this is a strong sign that the two companies are starting to work together. Interestingly, Jahwa also provides OIS modules to Samsung.

It is believed that the new camera hardware for the telephoto lens will appear in the iPhone 15 lineup next year in time for production to begin in the second quarter of 2023.

While this doesn't mean Apple has decided on a periscope telephoto camera, it does suggest that a more advanced zoom camera is in the works.

Apple is anticipated to release the iPhone 14 Pro series with a brand new dual-punch hole design later this year, but the last word goal is to maneuver to an under-display (UD) solution and unencumber more screen assets within the future. in line with South Korean media TheElec, Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics are performing on a replacement generation of UD cameras that may debut on the Galaxy Z Fold5 next year, and can later be utilized in Apple's iPhone 15 Pro (tentative name). Get a replacement report. . Fall 2023 model.

Samsung Display is reportedly working with OTI Lumionics, which has developed a brand new generation of organic cathode pattern materials (CPMs) that may "open microscopic transparent windows within the cathode and OLED pixel layers." This successively makes the display completely transparent, allowing Apple to put its FaceID sensor below the display. The IR sensor works as was common when unlocking the display, leaving the user with a very notchless and notchless display to enjoy.

Reports of Apple launching an iPhone 15 Pro with a periscope camera in 2023 are nothing new. However, an update from analyst Jeff Pu claims that Cupertino is testing prototypes and component samples of the 5x optical lens. A final judgment from the manufacturer is predicted in May 2022.
If the components are approved, they're going to be included within the "high-end models of the 2023 iPhone lineup," namely the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. a probable manufacturer of the lens would be Lante Optics, which is anticipated to supply 100 million units for Apple.

Periscope lenses aren't new, many Android smartphones have them - they permit the optical components of longer telephoto cameras to be placed horizontally, making them suitable for contemporary ultra-thin phones.

While Android phones have traditionally featured the technology for years, Apple tries to perfect a feature before implementing it, and first we've to work out how pixel binning will work with the upcoming 48MP camera within the 2022 iPhone.

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