It's easy to create a Minecraft Pro server

What is ServerPro? Of course, some of you are still confused. Well, Server Pro is an application that we can use to create our own server. We often come across this app if you play the game Minecraft. Creation Normally we can only use one server in one game, but with Server Pro we can create multiple servers ourselves.

So you can explore or play the game on all the servers you create. Of course, the Minecraft game you play will be more exciting.

So, how do you create a server? This time I will tell you how to create a server using Server Pro, which we can access on the official web page.

How to create/register a professional server

Regarding how to create multiple servers, we must first log in or if we don't have an account, we must register first.

1. First, open the webpage in the Chrome app available on your phone/PC. However, I recommend that you use a PC for simplicity.

2. Then enter the page, then the login interface will appear.

3. To register, you can sign up with your Facebook account. Or you can simply enter your email and enter your password and press register.

4. You will automatically be shown an account activation notification page via the email you registered.

5. Open your email account and look for the activation message from, if yes click the "Activate Account" section. Then the Create Server page will appear.

6. Now on the create server page, you can select the free classic server, which allows you to create a server with an additional 1 GB of memory for free.

7. The free version can only select servers in Canada and France. For example, here you can select Canada.

8. Then, scroll down there is configuration. In the Game section, you select the game as Minecraft Java Edition. You select the Tap type. You can choose any version you like. Then, Hostname, you create a name based on what you want. On the other hand, you can also choose the domain name you want.

9. At the bottom there will be a notification and an image of your Minecraft build process. Then, simply press Create Server.

10. On the next page, if you successfully created the server, you will be taken to the server details view containing the server you created. If it fails, a queue will appear and a notification will appear if you claim the server is a bit slow. If you are impatient, you can change the domain name and re-register.

On the web server page you created, you can configure the server to your liking.

Once you've created your server, you can log into your Minecraft game and try the server right now.


Well, the drawback of this free pro server is only one hour. If you run out of servers, you can immediately select New to create another server. If you choose to pay, you can enjoy this professional server for a set price and time. However, if the server time runs out, don't worry, you won't lose the game data you've played. So, you don't have to worry.

Apart from being used in the Minecraft game, you can also use this professional server in the Terraria game. That's all about the pro server review. Hopefully, it will be useful and helpful.

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